Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ink Brush Painting on Exhibit at Eastern Connecticut State University

"Clusters", Sumi ink on Shuen


Lately, I've been working on a group of large ink brush paintings. I have figured out how to get the small 3"x3" ink brush paintings to work at the size of 27"x 27".

This is a big jump in scale and has not been easy to do. Part of the problem, is I can not see the whole composition as I paint. Additionally, my brushes tend to be too small for the larger paper. Adding gouache is proving to add to the challenge as I bring this work from black and white, into color.

I am pushing through these obstacles as the larger work is incredibly satisfying to make. Here is a sumi ink brush painting that is currently being exhibited in a group show at the Akus Gallery at Eastern Connecticut State University. It is one of my first attempts to go larger with this work.