Friday, May 30, 2008

New work

Oil on denim 36"x26"

As my fourth residency approaches, I have to decide on a thesis topic. This semester I've created semi-abstract and completely abstract work. I thought I would post one of the new semi-abstract paintings. Much of the semi-abstract art will not garish as much attention as the completely abstract work, in addition it doesn't show up well online. I am writing an artist statement and sharing some of it here. Feedback is critical, please comment if you are so inclined.

I want to bring your attention to how all form comes from formless-ness into being. The collapse, impermanence and instability of form, points to the physical world as illusionary. What is real for me, is energy. Energy takes on physical form and is best described through abstract painting. I am attempting to express a quality apart from the landscape using non-western illusion of space.

How I made this painting:
The images posted are painted on heavy 100% cotton denim. I'm showing the details of a large (for me) landscape painting 36"x26". I gessoed the denim with three thick layers and sanded down each one, so the surface looks and responses to paint like primed canvas. The texture of the denim is a twill instead of the perpendicular weave of canvas and only shows subtly through the brush work.

Part of my process is to allow an image to emerge. I painted this image without drawing it first. I was playing with indirect glazing techniques and experimenting with layers. I would wipe off and put on paint and this painting is still evolving. It will change again, as it nears completion but it's close enough so you can get the idea.

upper left detail

center detail