Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Artist Myths

Can you count how many myths about artists are in this video clip? You are an artist if you are:
  • smug
  • male
  • socially inappropriate or anti-social
  • say and do things to shock and/or hurt others
  • abuse alcohol and drugs
  • physically abuse self and/or others
  • promiscuous or into kinky sex
  • suffer way more than other people do
  • a slave to your muse
  • make art that sells comercially
  • make art that isn't really art
  • disdainful of non-artists wannabe's
  • arrogant
  • unwashed, unkempt
  • pee in Peggy Guggenheim's fireplace
  • con the public with crap
  • can't spell or write clearly
  • disenfranchised

This video is the perfect example of why I hate calling myself an artist although I clearly am one. Have I left any other myths out? Oh, yeah...artists shouldn't have kids.