Saturday, December 27, 2014

Why I love Design

Design causes us to think, feel and respond. It presents us with new ideas,
perspectives and causes growth. It purposefully changes consciousness.
I love the challenge of integrating imagery and typography to a formative
aesthetic with the expressed purpose of communicating and intentionally
directing thought.

As visual creatures humans have created a unique practice using type
and image with design. Informed design is a powerful visual methodology
synthesizing communication, psychology and visual perception. Design
has the power to clarify or obstruct information. Letter forms as basic
abstract marks, function as semiotic signs while simultaneously transmitting
visual information.

How wonderful that black and white letters on this page create both
visual form and communicate meaning! Marks becomes words. Words
with agreed upon meaning combine and carry messages. Type and image
unify to heighten communication, whether the message is intentional
or not.

The meaning someone ascribes to what is designed creates and directs
their thoughts. This is important because thoughts govern actions. The
actions of one, influence the actions of many. Actions reflect personal,
cultural, social and political values and beliefs. On an individual level, a
series of actions, moment by moment and day to day, make up a life.
The lifetime of many create a generation for a specific time and place.
Many generations form the history of humanity, and are shaped
by design.

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